NORFI extraction technology

Extraction systems for workshops, car manufacturing & automobile industry

During welding works or works with running combustion in enclosed spaces health-endangering exhaust gases will be emitted which have to be exhausted quickly and reliably. Depending on your requirements we offer the right solution, be it a stationary or a fully automated system. But also the constructional and space requirements have to be considered depending on installation site.

Based on our nearly 40 years of experience in the field of extracting exhaust gases we develop custom-made solutions to meet your requirements -– either in standard version or tailor-made version: In the NORFI Portfolio you are finding the following solutions:

A special feature of solutions by NORFI is the extraction system for emergency vehicles in fire departments or technical emergency services: the system automatically extracts all exhaust gases created during the warming-up of engines. After the vehicle has left the operation center the extractor recovers to its home position.

Stationary extraction systems

Extraction systems for stationary operation

All exhaust gases created by the different works on the vehicle have to be extracted safely and reliably, and that´s why space-saving and well thought-through solutions are in demand. For the most different area of applications NORFI offers the right stationary extraction solution:

Optimal adjusted to the requirements of your workshop!

In vehicle/utility vehicle workshops various extraction works have to be carried out in tight space. Therefore, NORFI has developed ergonomical solutions which do not interrupt the work process.

One solutions for different kind of requirements

Characteristic for the maintenance are the various types of vehicles and machines where the exhaust gases have to be extracted safely. NORFI has developed a great field of stationary and operator-friendly solutions for a variety of requirements.

Special solutions for special requirements

Exhaust gases are not only created in the automobile industry or in vehicle/utility vehicle workshops: also in fire departments and shipyards it is important to collect dangerous exhaust gases safely. In the field of special applications NORFI also has developed over years several operator -friendly solutions.

Movable extraction systems

Extraction systems for changing requirements

In certain areas of workshops and car manufacturing the extractions systems will be used in different work stations. For situations like this NORFI offers extraction systems which can be moved over the suction channels, and so easily be brought to the site. Convince yourself of the various solutions by NORFI for different application areas.

Movable extraction systems for utility vehicle production

The manufacturing of utility vehicles is characterized by a strong mixed production where each vehicle varies considerably in size and body. The movable extractions systems can be mounted at the respective exhaust pipe without any great effort for a reliable extraction of exhaust gases.

Movable extraction systems for vehicle/utility vehicle workshops

Characteristic for vehicle/utility vehicle workshops are the variety of workstations. The modular design of the movable extraction systems by NORFI permits easy modification to changing requirements. The extraction device is easily adjustable to cater for virtually all exhaust pipe variants. It can be moved easily into various positions at the vehicle and can be equipped with different exhaust hoods and nozzles

Contact-free extraction systems

Extraction systems for ongoing production

In the car manufacturing several set-ups and test works are necessary while vehicles with running motors are moving along the production line. To be in demand are extraction systems which automatically adjust to the different types of vehicles and which are moving synchronously with the vehicles without having a physical connection to them. NORFI has developed specific contact-free extraction solutions for different application areas:

Contact-free extraction solutions for the car manufacturing

Our contact-free extraction systems for the car production combine our long-standing experience in the field of exhaust extraction with state-of-the-art-sensor technology, control and conveyor technology. NORFI systems detect the type of the vehicle, place the detection unit of the exhaust extraction system into the correct position and follows the vehicle synchronously.

Contact-free extraction solutions in performance testing stations

High temperatures up to 500C and a large amount of exhaust flow are created in the performance test stand. All materials used in our contact-free extraction systems satisfy the specific demanding requirements of the daily work in a performance testing station. They can control not only as an independent system, but also can be coupled to the control system of the performance test stand.

Contact-free extraction solutions for test stands

During the production the vehicles frequently move through different test stands where different set-ups and tests will be done while motor is running. The contact-free extraction systems for test stands detect the arriving vehicle, drive autonomously into the ideal extraction position and starts the extraction process – completely contact-free.

Automated extraction systems

Extraction systems in the fully automated car manufacturing

Every second counts in the fully automated car manufacturing! In demand are intelligent extraction systems which can be integrated perfectly into the process and which are flexible in using. Thereby, the workload for workers will be reduced and they can concentrate on their main work. Convince yourself about the advantages of our automated extractions solutions:

Perfectly integrated into the production line

To meet the high level of automatisation in the modern car production, NORFI has equipped his proven extraction systems with state-of-the-art sensors and control engineering. NORFI systems detect the type of vehicle and set the detection units of the extraction system into the correct position.

NORFI specific solutions

Extraction solutions for ambulances and emergency vehicles

  • specially developed for operation centers
  • reliable extraction
  • automatic decoupling

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