NORFI conveyor technology

Conveyor solutions for the car production

The modern car production is characterized by a variety of automatically ongoing processes and precise work steps for which different systems, devices and tools have to be conveyed parallel with production.

During 40 years of company history NORFI could gain an unique Know-how in the field of conveyor technology which is implemented in the form of custom-made solutions in different fields of production. In the NORFI Portfolio you are finding the following solutions for conveyor technology:

Synchronous conveyor technology

Achieving synchronization between your production and NORFI conveyor technology

The main challenge in the development and initial operations of a synchronous conveyor system for the car production is the integration of the system into the existing automation solution or the matching to the existing productions sequences. Thanks to state-to-the-art sensors and control technologies the conveyor systems by NORFI are moving 100% synchronously to the production process and consequently help to increase the level of automation of the total production, to lower the costs and to improve quality at work.

Contact-free conveyor systems

Perfectly positioned without having physical connection

Who needs solutions “ to touch” if there are other ways: With the aim to reduce the workflow of the employees, NORFI developed solutions for extraction systems or power supply systems, which follow the vehicle during production without having a physical connection to them.

Synchronously driven extraction trolley

The synchronously driven extraction trolley (contact-free) by NORFI is a very good example of a conveyor solution which is working independently without any external support.

The sensors integrated in the conveyor extraction trolley detect the different kind of vehicle types and let the trolley drive with maximum speed towards the vehicle until a defined distance is reached. When the vehicle starts to move, the trolley follows synchronously while keeping the pre-set distance and maintaining the speed of the car.

Small parts transport

Clock-dependent transport of small parts

In the entire process of production there are several working sections where small parts e.g. test equipment have to be carried along at or with the vehicle for a certain period of time. At the end of the pre-set distance they have to be transported back to the starting position. For such and similar demands NORFI offers specific conveyor solutions which can be used both in production lines or workstation system.

Conveyor solutions for multi-function tester

Multi-function tester will be connected to the vehicle or will be carried along with it for a certain period of time to check certain vehicle functions. After the check the multi-function tester has to be disconnected and has to be transported back to the starting position. This is done by specific conveyor solutions.

The conveyor solutions by NORFI for returning of multi-function testers impress for several reasons. The design offers a more convenient operation: the working positon is ergonomically optimized and permits the worker to insert and to extract the tester in or out the holder without any additional physical strain.

Furthermore, conveyor system by NORFI can be integrated into chain conveyors, electrical overhead tracks, circular conveyors or gravity conveyors. In addition to the pure conveyor solution a recharge system can be integrated making it possible to save costs for a later recharging. NORFI conveyor systems are of course secured against falling and damaging by means of sensors preventing that conveyor units do not contact each other during transport.

Our range of services not only includes the development of the tailor-made conveyor solutions, but also the necessary steel construction as well as the control-technical binding to the hall.